Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Seattle TangoMagic

I hardly know what to say. I returned home Monday night to life in full swing with children, work the next day, and my glorious full day-to-day stuff. I'm glad to be home.

My all time favorite moment of the entire experience was from the late night Sunday milonga. We were putting on coats and ready to walk out the door when my friend said there was a woman nearly in tears in the restroom, so overcome with joy from her last tanda. I couldn't pass that up, so I had to go see for myself. And it was true. She was lovely, and glowing, and had that charming glazed look that only comes from true satisfaction. It was beautiful, and my favored memory of the weekend.

But there were many others that were equally wonderful. Finding a wonderful new dance companion that I just "fit" with, seeing Tete do his airplane thing, feeling part of a community of people, a wonderful hug with a new friend.

There were some also not great things. I took a beginner level class that I left feeling mauled and traumatized by. A gentleman that smelled strongly of several days old fish. Getting hit in the head with a speaker casing.

But over all, I had a lovely time. I learned a couple of things! Oh, that's right! I did! I have been struggling with a posture issue. Ok, working on it. The whole Oscar and Georgina solar plexus thing. Sometime over the weekend it slipped into place for me. I found that delicate balance where I effortlessly could stand upright, chest open and out, shoulders relaxed, on my axis....and at ease. And now, it's there. I can just adjust into it with little reminder.

I did miss out on connecting with some fellow bloggers, but the trip was so full that there was little time.

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