Thursday, July 3, 2008

On Tango and Femininity

"Guys, if the woman has to spell it out for you, the emotion is going to be
frustration. If the emotion is going to be ecstasy, you are going to have to focus on that woman in your arms with every fiber of your being.
You must discover the dance she desires.

I'm not saying that I am any good at this, but I know that it really isn't the
woman's responsibility to even know what she wants.
It's the man's task to
discover the dance she desires and
to offer it to her in a magical embrace.

It's not easy, it's not fair, it's tango."
--Tom Heneghen

One of the things that I love about tango, about good tango anyway, is the innate respect for the woman as a powerful being. Women are viewed as something cherished, loved, protected. Not because she is weak, but because she is a precious thing and he is special to have those few moments with her.

This is something that is missing from our culture. We no longer have a culture that cherishes women. We view them in many roles, but rarely is it with true profound respect; the kind of respect we see in the eyes of young boys before they realize their mother is flawed, the kind of respect and adoration we see in the eyes of a lover when they are vulnerable from lovemaking, the kind of awe we reserve for spiritual experiences, or natural earth forces.

So, when I am in the arms of a man(or woman) that cherishes my role as the follow, who honors my agreement to dance their lead, who shares in the intimacy, who values, offers and receives vulnerability: that lead is singing to my deeper self and I feel powerful. I feel feminine. I feel gorgeous. And it is because that person is cherishing my time-honored role as a woman.


Creator of Soparia Self- Awareness Center said...

That's it!! I am joining Tango!

Anonymous said...

I think this is, if not THE reason women love Tango so much, at least one of the top 3 reasons.

Lovely post, MHM!