Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Cross

I'm currently taking a class called The Playground of the Cross.

Tonight the sticking point moment was when the teacher explained that the moment when the woman crosses and there is a weight shift is "an exquisite pleasure" for the leader. That resonates for me. That slight pause is a moment of huge vulnerability. My balance is at it's weakest point. I'm solely balanced on the ball of my foot and my feet are entwined and if he makes a forward motion, I have to scramble to meet the movement so I don't fall.

My entire thinking on the cross was changed tonight. Instead of dreading it, I was able to view it as a beautiful and sensual moment full of heightened delight...taking my time to slide my left foot over and snuggling it in to the right, feeling the weight shift to the left foot, and the pause, right there....what will he ask of me? and then the movement.

That weight shift is exquisite for the follow too.

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