Sunday, September 14, 2008


Thanks, Janet Little.

Here's a reminder for you, E.

Plateauing is like climbing a mountain. You work really hard, and then you reach that plateau and you get a chance to cruise for awhile. Enjoy the sunshine, smell the wildflowers, gaze at the clouds and find dragons, maybe eat some lunch. Catch your breath.

But at some point you start to get anxious. You still have so much mountain to climb, and it still seems so far away. So you start to hurry. And notice less of the beauty around you, because your focus has shifted.

It means you're ready for the next part of your journey. Ready to start up that mountain again. Ready to focus and get down to business.

So this dissatisfaction with your plateau, it's a good thing. And you'll be climbing again soon!

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Eric said...

Thank you! The best thing is realizing that friends like you are just above me with your hands outstretched to help me up should I stumble.