Tuesday, September 30, 2008


6 days past a 3 day transfer, or 9 days past ovulation (9dpo). Still too early to get a positive, unless I was carrying a litter. And since I am not hoping to be carrying a litter, I won't test until tomorrow morning. When I will be 7dp3dt, or 10dpo, which is the typical time to get an early positive on a home pregnancy test.

I could bore you with the obsessive watching-for-symptoms craziness, but I won't. Except to say that there are some. Some signs. If one is obsessive enough to look for them. Which, apparently, I am.

This time around I have avoided the message boards, the calendars and for the most part, too much overthinking. I have been doing normal things, filling my days with kids and friends and work, and my nights with dance.


Anaya's Mama said...

more finger crossing over here! we want to come celebrate Anaya's birthday with you and the boys, hopefully we will have another baby to be celebrating about too!

Lisa said...

Hi - I am Lisa and I just found your blog googling 6dp3dt, which I will be tomorrow. My blog is at sticksandstimsmaybreakmybones.blogspot.com.

I will keep my fingers crossed for you!