Thursday, September 4, 2008

The moment between songs, and the pose

I LOVE when a leader ends a song with a wonderful pose, and then holds it. He doesn't drop our embrace, or make a bunch of adjustments. He just holds me there, in stasis. Until the next song, until he's ready to move, and then he just picks up from where we are, one smooth transition into the next moment.

I love that feeling of stillness and anticipation with eachother. And I love that he's secure enough to just hold me there. I always feel beautiful in that moment, and all else just fades away in that fuzzy out of focus way, because our attention is focused on eachother and we come into realization that it's just us. The music is silent, and we're just holding eachother. Not wrapped in the third party, the tango.

Just wrapped in each other.

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