Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Make me feel better

There are lots more out there, but I'm supposed to be working and those three were the ones that immediately jumped to mind. Well, and of course Johanna's entire blog. (shhhh...don't tell her I am like, totally in love. I don't think she's figured it out yet.)

Today is crappy yucky doodoo again. I think today I will blame it on hormones, and just keep seeking the things that give me a little glimmer, a little reminder of light. *sigh* (We better damn well get a baby this time, because this hormone crap gets old. )( But S, if you are reading this, it's totally worth it. Really, these are the hormones talking. And they go away. Don't feel bad.)


tangobaby said...

I do hope you're feeling better soon. Hormones are marvelous when they do what you want them to do, and when they don't, it's the pits!

Feel better soon!

ps. don't worry about the crush on Johanna. Lots of us have one.

Alyce said...

Darlin', the yucky days only last for a bit. Soon (tomorrow, right?), you'll find yourself swept away in a tango embrace that will clear your mind and lift your soul.

Anonymous said...



tangobaby said...


is that a group hug?


Anonymous said...

Either that or the violation of decency laws in some small country :-)