Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Treat me like I'm...

AlmostGrownChild*: I'm going to stay late and then I'll be home.

ManyMom: Actually, I'd like you to please be on the next bus home. You broke curfew yesterday and then were sneaky today by waiting until I had left the house to leave, when you were on restriction and I had specifically said no to you going to your meeting early. You need to come home now.

AlmostGrownChild: Hmph! I wish you'd stop treating me like a 16 year old and start treating me like a 17 year old!
*slams down telephone, hanging up on me*

chuckle, snort, giggle. hahahahahahahaha!

*This is my current fosterteen. He turned 17 a couple weeks ago. He's lovely, and has been with us since August, and I really enjoy him.

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Lisa said...

lol - it is amazing isn't it - I have a 19 yo stepson I have known since he was 11 - they are such children in so many ways but when I was that age, you could not tell me anything!

You are amazing to expand and share your life with a foster child - I really admire that.