Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tango in my Dreams, if not reality

Last night I had the most lovely dream that I was in a wedding/function thing and had a partner that I was 'assigned' to. We didn't know each other, or speak the same language, and didn't have a chance to communicate anyway as we were busy with our duties.

At the conclusion of the event, when tables were cleared and chairs put away and we were saying our goodbyes I went to shake his hand and hug him goodbye. He had been a lovely companion and I'd enjoyed our limited talkless time together. But he held our hug, and then a tango started, and he moved us into an embrace and the embrace was so *right*. It was that fit that makes it all come together, the sense of mingling spirits. My left arm went softly around his shoulders and sank just a bit like butter and never needed to move. My right arm, I didn't even sense it. And when he moved us, it was, well there was no body. Just us and the music and the movement to it. And we danced a couple songs, and when the last song ended he kissed me on the cheek and went his way and I returned to where my friends were sitting just a few feet away.

And I could feel that slightly shocked, removed feeling over me, like a heavy blanket or a cloak. And my friends said, That was Nice. And all I could do was grin foolishly because I knew that was the best dance I'd ever had in my life.

If I can't have it on the dance floor, I'll take it in my dreams. I feel a bit glowy this morning.


Anonymous said...

The ultimate Tango Dream!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Mtnhighmama, I am so glad to see some blog entries from you! Hope you are not going too crazy. We look forward to that day, (soon!) When your tango dream is a reality again.

Mtnhighmama said...

Honestly, Elizabeth, that dream and those dances were so good I don't feel like I'm missing much right now!

It was so vivid, and so real. I feel like I was actually there. If this had happened IRL, I might have had to take a little time away from dancing just because it was so good! LOL