Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Man to be

My 12 year old amazes me. He is this crazy blending of physical traits, motions, thinkings...some I recognize, some I see are completely his own.

Sometimes he gives me glimpses into the man he'll be and they leave me breathless. The other day I was laying on my bed, reading a book, and he comes into my room with a glass of water. He sets it on my bedside table.

12 yr old: Mom, are you thirsty?
ManyMom: no?
12 yr old: I brought you some water.

I thanked him, but he stood there waiting.

ManyMom: Sweetie, do you need something?
12 yr old: Mom, you should drink some water. Pregnant women need to drink lots of water.

Now, that in and of itself is amazing, but what is really amazing is that when I was pregnant with Tor two years ago, I offhandedly mentioned to him that he should remember that pregnant and nursing women need to drink lots of water, and that if he ever has children to not ask the mom if she wants it but to just bring it to her and remind her to drink.

He remembered.


ModernTanguera said...

That is beautiful. :)

Johanna said...

What a touching gesture. Just lovely. He's a "mensch".

Lisa said...

How incredibly sweet! washe

Alyce said...

Next time you feel like you might not be the world's most wonderful mother, you remember this. You helped create this person that behaves this way!

me said...

Thank you for sharing this endearing moment.

Shine said...


Anaya's Mama said...

What a family you are, what amazing children you are raising. I am so thankful to know you and those boys!