Tuesday, June 17, 2008

While I was away...

ManyMom: Stupendous Child, I will be in in a moment to tuck you in.

a moment goes by

ManyMom: (mid tuck) Stupendous Child, What is on the wall?

silence, with an air of wide eyed innocence,

ManyMom: What is it?

Stupendous Child: I was really mad.

ManyMom: Ok, but what is on the wall?

Stupendous Child: I was really mad.

ManyMom: Right, but WHAT IS IT?

Stupendous Child: I got really mad and threw my hamburger.

ManyMom: *exasperated sigh* Stupendous Child, clean it up

Stupendous Child: Well, I already tried to pick up the crumbs.

ManyMom leaves the room

* 2 seconds later*

Stupendous Child: Mo-oomm, I picked up all the crumbs now.

deeeeeeep breath


melissa said...

My husband got mad while he was at work last night and kicked the door to his office in. Now his door is busted and his foot is sore. He thinks it's broken but I don't think it is. He tried to fix the door but it wouldn't open so he had to kick it in again. I'm not very sympathetic.

Shine said...

Does it make me crazy that reading that makes me miss your family more???

Mtnhighmama said...

yep, it sure does, shine.

Come on back, there's plenty of craziness to go around and yours will blend right on in.

Lovin' ya.

Shine said...

I'm coming back as soon as I'm "done" with school. Everything right now is perfect for me here, the best landlords in the world, grants that get me through the semesters (plus I'm a Cali Resident...no out of state tuition)...but I am getting sick of the 70-90 degree weather ALL THE TIME... (:

But when we're ready, we ARE coming back. Thanks.