Thursday, June 26, 2008

Flat Out Fitness

Last week I rode my lovely cruiser bike to work. I wasn't able to ride all summer last year, and couldn't ride this school year because I was transporting children. So, finally, I pulled out my bike, loaded up and made my way to work.

It's not far, but oh it was sad. I was hot, I was exhausted, and I was mortified at my fitness level. How could it have gotten so bad? How could I not have known it had gotten so bad? My friends assured me I would regain my fitness level quickly, while looking at me pityingly. I told myself repeatedly...Each time it will be a little easier.

While my friend Tom was tuning my bike for me: "Hey, do you know your tires are flat?"

Who would have thought tire pressure would make such a difference? I'm feeling much better about my fitness level now.

Thanks, Tom.

Thanks, Robby Russell
Thanks, Phitar

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