Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Baby Update

We are right about 17 weeks! Not quite halfway there, though, since twins usually come early we're closer to halfway than not.

Both babies are doing very well. Baby A (this is the baby that will be born first) is a littl boy, and Baby B (who is happily stretched across the top of my uterus) is a little girl. Yesterday we did another ultrasound (I have them every three weeks--I think that's a bit excessive, but I'm sure that's the homebirth midwife in me talking) and Baby B had her foot constantly pressed up against Baby A's head. I wonder if he'll throw that in her face later in life?

They are both growing a bit ahead of schedule, which is good. Better to have babies that are bigger than expected than to have babies that are smaller than they should be.

I'm really just beginning to feel movement. All day today I felt Baby A poking me where my pants pushed in on him. And Baby B is fainter but I'm beginning to feel her more. She's the one that gets in the way in close embrace. I actually had to pull out of close embrace on Saturday and move to open because she was in an awkward position that made it uncomfortable for me.

Typically the belly growth measurements correspond to what week you are in your pregnancy. So, at twenty weeks the fundus (or top) of the uterus is usually level with the belly button. I'm measuring at about 22 - 23 weeks, with the babies just a bit below my ribcage. I have a cute round belly.

No more illness or nausea, but I seem to have lost my appetite. I'm working on trying to get all the calories in that I need, but it's hard. Weight gain is a little below what it should be.

I feel really good and remember that this is the time that I most love in pregnancy. The second trimester. Lots of energy, sweet belly, lots of kicks. This is fun!

The parents are busy picking out names and settling in to the reality that they really are going to have twins. I love hearing the joy in the mama's voice and the fear in the papa's. It's really sweet.

So, that's the baby update. We're doing well.


Anaya's Mama said...

Sounds like this pregnancy is going better than last, I'm glad that you are feeling healthy and happy. Love you! Congrats to S, S & T

Lisa said...

That is great news - so glad you are not sick anymore.

Alyce said...

yaaay for healthy babies!
Twins are exciting and scary! My grandmother's first two daughters and last two daughters are twins. If I were to have kiddos, I'd be VERY likely to pop out two at a time! Yeek!!

me said...

belly pictures!

Anonymous said...

I am so grateful you're sharing this journey. It's amazing. And I second "me": belly pictures. In tango embrace!!!!

Mtnhighmama said...

awwww, you guys are sweet. I will post some belly pics, but first I have to get around to taking some!

msHedgehog said...

Good luck