Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tango Jones

I just spent 15 minutes flipping through my address book trying to decide who I could call at 8:30 on a post-late night-milonga Sunday morning to dance with me RIGHT NOW.

I couldn't think of anyone that would appreciate that. I guess I could work on some embellishments, or molinetes.

I hate waiting.


Lisa said...

I cannot wait to hear your what your beta # is!! I wish my RE tested on Sundays. I think that I drove myself nuts enough this weekend - I have moved into a steadier calm and I feel prepared for anything. I am going to go to work tomorrow - that should help especially because I am really busy. They usually call me between 1 and 3 pm. My spotting seems to have really tapered off.

Eric said...

Truly, you can always call me. I'll dance anytime. I have the nice wooden floor and it's empty as I pack. Which means you only have another week and a half. Oh...from next Sunday, 'til Wednesday the house will be totally empty as I clean. I think we need a mini milonga. We can dance in every empty room!