Wednesday, October 1, 2008

OMG, There are 2 lines!

Ok, there are definitely 2 lines. On three different tests. 2 LINES!!!


Lisa said...

Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you!!!

Lisa said...

Oh, I am happy for your friends too!!!

Psyche said...


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing this is a good thing? The more lines the merrier?

Everyone else seems to thinks so, so... yaaaaaaay?

Mtnhighmama said...

It means the transfer worked and we are PREGNANT!!!! AAAHHHHHHH!

It's a very good thing, Johanna!

of course, I'm trying hard to keep my glee in check. Nothing really counts until the Beta on Sunday, and then the next one 2 days later.

But home pregnancy tests that get darker and have two pink lines is a very very good thing!

Shine said...

You just couldn't hold out on the home pregnancy tests, could you?


Anonymous said...

In that case...

[throws caution aside]


[skips joyfully around the computer]