Friday, April 17, 2009

Your Bed, the Most Important Place in the World

This commercial is an advertisement for a company that produces beds called Flex. They're slogan is "Tu camar, el lugar más importante del mundo,” or “Your bed, the most important place in the world.”

Here is a rough translation, from NazelGazingMidwife. My spanish is not very good, so if you find something really off, let me know!

The best option is to birth my baby in my home, Eduardo, our first baby, was also born in the same bed.

A miracle, isn’t it? To give birth to another, to help another leave the body?

And a woman needs to give birth where she wants to, in the place where she feels good.

(man says something I don’t understand)

Mom says, ‘I can’t do it.’

Midwife says, ‘Slow, slow… very slow, very slow.’

Mom says something about the sights and smells of the birth, the warmth that giving birth at home is very special. (notice her bliss!)

Your bed. The most important place in the world.”


ModernTanguera said...

That was beautiful. If only everyone had that kind of comfortable, welcoming space for a home birth!

I also want to offer my translation--I did it for the practice and thought I'd share:

Woman: We talked about it and decided that the best option was for our daughter to be born in our bed, in our home.

Man: It is where our first child was born. To come back and do it again in the same bed is important.

Woman: It's a miracle, isn't it? To feel that there is a life inside you and that you are going to help it come forth.

Woman: And to be able to do it how you want to, where you want to, in your place.

Man: You relate to the space in a more, a more intimate way.

Woman (on screen): There is a light, a smell, and a heat left in the space when a life arrives. Very, very special.

Text: Waira was born on March 21 on a FLEX bed.

FLEX. Your bed. The most important place in the world.

Anonymous said...

Clearly not for the US market :-)