Friday, February 11, 2011

Couple Dating

This whole process of choosing the next set of Intended Parents that I will carry is daunting.

Here is the ad I have up on a popular surrogate website:
Experienced GC looking to help one more family!

I delivered a singleton in 2007 and twins in 2009 for a wonderful NY family. The joy at seeing their family complete brings me back to help one more family.

• am 34, have a 23 BMI, and am VERY healthy. Strawberry blond hair, blue eyes, fair complexion;
• am partnered, have children and am financially, emotionally and socially secure;
• live in Eugene, Oregon, which offers something similar to pre-birth orders;
• have health insurance with no surrogacy or prenatal exclusions;
• have healthy easy pregnancies and deliveries;
• am asking a $**k base comp, with typical extras
• am ready to start cycling in late Summer, early Fall

The Ideal Intended Parents:
• are financially, emotionally and socially ready;
• are good communicators;
• value a healthy lifestyle, low intervention pregnancy and birth, and breastfeeding;
• prefer a singleton and a sibling project over twins

Please email me for a profile, photos and other information. I am excited to match with the right family, get to know each other, and help you have your baby!

I do not discriminate based on gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race, religion.

So, they reply and ask me a bunch of questions, and it's like internet dating.  Maybe we progress to a phone call, but what typically happens is that we find something in the process that tells us we don't want to be so intimately involved in eachother's lives.

sigh.  I don't like this part so much.  I wish for new IPs to just fall into my lap.  If you know of someone wonderful, let me know.